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What you focus on
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A trusted name in the education industry and sought after speaker to conduct Leadership programs for the top and the middle management companies across India and North America, Gulraj Shahpuri understands the value of results. Mr. Shahpuri has addressed over 55,000 people across 3 continents, conducted over a thousand presentations, and delivered hundreds of keynotes, strategy sessions, sorkshops and Seminars. Gulraj S Shahpuri is well-sought after for good reason: his message is powerful, his techniques are practical, and his delivery is heartfelt.

Experience Redefined

Gulraj S Shahpuri has studied at the University of British Columbia and at Simon Fraser University, and from this academic base has launched successful business models in India. He is the founder of Promise™,India’s largest personality development program for kids. He also acts as the Managing Director of the Shahpuri Estates, providing service oriented real estate to businesses.

Using his studies and his own business experience, Gulraj S Shahpuri understands the business climate today, and provides a rare perspective to companies that are looking to gain an edge over others.

A Unique Style of Communicating


Gulraj S Shahpuri has informed, challenged, inspired, and has entertained audiences for 20 years, from boardrooms of large multinational corporations to meetings rooms of thousands of local companies. His story-telling and his practical insights into human behavior help create a shift in thinking: helping the boss think from the perspective of his employees, and the employees to think with the company’s long-term objectives in mind.
The outcome is always towards more efficient organizations, with more satisfied and productive employees, and a general understanding of a company’s bottom line. Success has to be built into every part of an organization, and Gulraj S Shahpuri knows how to do this best.

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