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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
This Holi message is dedicated to all the leaders who go through the difficult task of keeping their employees inspired, motivated and challenged.  The HR Head in every organization is compelled and instructed to hire people with high innate skills but it is too difficult for them to determine if an employee will keep putting in efforts long after the interview is over. 
Then comes the critical role the direct supervisor putting in intense efforts in aligning the new hire towards the goals of the company.  I’m going to discuss my five tips that any Team Leader, Manager, Director, and CEO of an organization should use to keep their teams or subordinates propelled, influenced and challenged, in order to drive maximum performance.
No. 1:  Manifest Your Trust
The first step in inspiring and motivating employees is to show that you trust their potentials to get the job done.  You should do this by talking to them regularly by coming up to their desks when they are working and speaking to them using phrases like: 
“Oh, I know you’ll finish this perfectly!”
“I’m so proud of you!”
“You have really made a difference here!”
“I trust your judgment!”
But make sure that you don’t hover over their shoulders all the time, micromanaging your employees, because it’s counterproductive as it makes people nervous. 
No. 2:  Provide them with a Purpose
It doesn’t matter what the work profile of an employee is. Whether he or she is responsible for the maintenance of the office or managing a Fortune 500 company at a managerial level, every employee is eager to know that his or her job matters.  Exhibit to your employees that they matter to the company, and mention the good changes the company has noticed because of their work.  By doing this, they’ll feel rewarded and motivated to keep delivering the same productivity or maybe even higher. 
No. 3 Invest in Your Employees
Now, this simply means that you are presenting things like one-on-one coaching, a mentoring program, education reimbursement or job shadowing with people in higher positions.  This gives a clear-cut message to all the employees that you care about their career and future. In fact, in many organizations these days they have periodic meetings with their workers to examine their career paths and to make sure they stay on track.  It gives them a reason to stay with the organization and they do not hover around for better offers. 
No. 4:  Include them in the Big Decisions
Many times, employees feel discouraged when they notice wider organizational decisions are being made without anything mentioned to them.  It definitely makes anyone feel isolated and unimportant even after trying harder at their work.  All you need to do is to ask for your employees’ inputs.  No matter whether you later go with them or not, asking for their opinions creates a sense of belonging in the company and makes them feel like they matter to their bosses.
No. 5:  Incentivize With a Reward
Positive reinforcement is definitely the oldest, tested and true psychological principal.  Reward your employees after they accomplish a good job.  By doing so, you are actually encouraging them to repeat the performance and making them understand that “do what it takes to earn the desired prize.” But it doesn’t mean that you need to buy every one of them a brand new car.  You can reward them with free lunch, event tickets or an afternoon off.  Not only will this, keep them performing but will also inspire a little friendly and healthy competition in the workplace.
In today’s professional lives we all have highly competitive workplaces where out of frustrations and after getting failed in receiving the recognition which employees had desired, they get depressed that results in making them switch jobs every few years. That is why employee turnover can be a big concern for any organization. But you can stem the tide by framing a focus on your employee engagement and training programs. By doing so, you are going to build a solid bedrock for your employees’ management and growth and ensuring that your staff always remains motivated and inspired.
Happy Holi Everyone!
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