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Complacency, is what rolls you down sometimes?
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  Weekends are either for recreation or Re-Creation!  In fact, that’s sort of what I’m going to discuss with you.  For those that have reached the Pinnacle of their careers and are basking in the glory, for you to lose that gnawing hunger that drove you to success in the first place is something is totally unacceptable.  In fact, it would be downright unethical!  Society needs you to be the superstar that you are!  You’re that 2% that pull the other 98%. 
But we often see, what goes up, eventually comes down.  So the question is asked, why is maintaining the top position more difficult than reaching the top? The answer is complicated, but at least a good part of the blame usually goes to complacency.
Here are 5 steps to avoid complacency once you’ve achieved your dream goal.
1. Start from Scratch every day
Successful people don’t think about past accomplishments. 
They don’t start taking days off. 
When they go to work and they work!
Do they work hard?  Yes, but they work harder on themselves than they do, even at their work
For them, continuous daily improvement is not a cliché but rather a way of life.
2. Surround yourself with people who tell the truth. 
Don’t be around people who are “servant-butlers”.  
Be around people that will give it to you straight.  Be around superstars that will call you out if you’re slacking. 
Study and work carefully on what critics saying.  That means, when someone says something to you, don’t take it to heart.  Say, “Thank You” and take it as their
   opinion.  Then analyse it and find the learning in it.
3. Focus on Processes, not on Results
If you’re only thinking results, you won’t get it
Develop a process for achieving and sustaining excellence.
Establish an approach with discipline.
There is no way to repeat success consistently without a method, formula or approach — that is, a process.
Then all you have to do is do it, consistently, for long enough and you’re a superstar
4. Learn and adapt continuously
Simply put, to earn more you have to learn more
I loved my degrees from the university, even though my peers just referred to theirs’ as “pieces of paper”.  Now that I look back, what I learned it is completely
44% of American jobs are going to be automated so it’s smart to stay ahead of the curve!
5. Recharge Yourself
Don’t just work. 
Build in time for rest, relaxation, hobbies, reflection and quality time with family and friends. 
Get involved in fun activities.  
It gives you the energy to compete, innovate and succeed.
…and the best way to recharge yourself is enough sleep.  Not too much and certainly not too little.  We don’t want too much cortisol hanging around damaging
   your arteries.
Get to the top and stay there!
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