Is Humour Important? | Public Speaking Tips – Part 1 | Gulraj Shahpuri

Humor can help make a good speech great. In the process of delivering a great speech you don’t need to come off as a comedian. What’s important is that your speech should be witty and humorous. In this video, I speak about the concept, “Jokes Per Minute”. This technique helps speakers keep their audience engaged with well-timed wit and humor. ———————————————————- Hi, I am Gulraj Singh Shahpuri, I am a Strategic Leadership and Development Coach for many companies in India and I conduct Leadership programs for the top and the middle management companies across India. I have informed, challenged, inspired, and entertained audiences for 20 years from boardrooms of large multinational corporations to meetings rooms of thousands of local companies. I also spend hours coaching and mentoring individuals to help them unleash their true potential. This channel is my attempt to connect with, and help, people who would like to progress and prosper further in their lives. Do connect with me through the comments section of my videos or drop me a mail at

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