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Developing Exceptional Leaders at the Middle, Senior & Entrepreneurial Levels


Leadership Empowerment and ProfitibilityTM

The Leadership Empowerment and Profitability™ program equips Senior-Level Leaders with the skills they need to meet the ever-changing demands of their organizations, today and tomorrow.


Preserve Until Success HappensTM

The Persevere Until Success Happens™ program enables organizations to create continuous learning experiences for their front-liners, and is linked directly to their business needs. A high-impact program designed specifically for Mid-Level leaders.


Onset of a New EnterpreneurTM

The Onset of a New Entrepreneur™ program is geared to help ambitious heads of companies and start-ups translate their unique ideas and visions into thriving businesses by leveraging their passions, and helping them avoid the risks of getting stuck in mediocrity. This program is geared for business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors.

The Gulraj Shahpuri Advantage involves:

Orientation & Leadership Assessment
Insight Coaching & Alignment Sessions
Planning & Development Sessions
Implementation & Final Evalution Sessions


  • Equip your leaders with the critical skills they need.
  • Ensure your leaders can deliver on your business strategy.
  • Increase engagement and retention of your high performers.
  • Close the gap between current leadership capabilities and those required for future success


Keynote Speaker

Gulraj Shahpuri conducts exciting sessions and seminars on Leadership, Personal Development, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Public Speaking, Creativity, Success Psychology, and more, bringing about immediate changes and long-term results. Gulraj is a master of tailoring every leadership program to the needs of the client and situation, delivering practical, cutting-edge insights in a presentation style that has been described as "expertise with eloquence".

Business Mentor

Gulraj mentors organizations and individuals on Personal and Professional growth. He helps corporates in establishing a value based business. The most common areas of his expertise include:

  • Gearing for Growth
  • Systemization and Automation
  • Business Goal Setting
  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Delegation Strategies
  • Speak to Motivate
  • Hiring and Retaining the Right Talent
  • Brand and Reputation Building